Here are some of the major services we provide:

* Pawn loans (Collateral loans)
* Check cashing

* Unload Your Debit Card for Immediate Cash
* Money orders
* Bill payments
* Western union

* Prepaid debit cards
* Buy & sell (merchandise)
* Layaway service
* Jewelry repairs & cleaning
* Watch repairs

Private and personalized consultations

Ocean Pawn and Loans offers private, personalized, and confidential consultations in your home or at our store. The type or value of the merchandise offered will determine if you are eligible for this service.

Call us or send a message today to make an appointment.


Ocean Pawn and Loans specializes in lending you money with cash on the spot!

Each loan starts out with 2 simple questions, which really dictate 99% of the loans:

  1. What assets do you want to use as collateral?
  2. How much do you need to borrow?

At this point, we appraise the assets that you bring in. If your asset is worth the amount you wish to borrow, we will process the loan for you.


If you want to sell your item directly for cash, simply bring your item into our location and we will make an immediate cash offer for it on the spot.

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